maininki - for residents
Maininki - for residents


Following services are available in every apartment after the installation

  • Internet connection, speed minimum 50/20M
  • cable-TV, basic channels

These services are included to your monthly due or rent. In case you would like to have additional services like more speed (50M or 100M), more TV channels etc. you can also order those for extra charge.


Faster speed for your connection

100/50M internet connection

9,90 €/month*

250/100M internet connection

14,90 €/month*

500/100M internet connection

19,90 €/month*

1000/100M internet connection

39,90 €/month*


*In housing associations, availability will depend on existing technology and contract. You can increase the speed conveniently in the OmaLounea service. If you don't have a login ID yet, you can easily trust by identifying yourself with your bank ID. OmaLounea will show you what are the available speeds in your housing unit. You can also order a modem at the same time. The billing for the basic speed offered by your housing association goes through your housing association, you will receive a separate invoice for the additional speed.