Lounea is the first telecom operator to offer 10 Gbit internet access in Finland - Finland is among the countries with the fastest internet connections in the world 

Lounea’s CEO Veli-Matti Viitanen says that high internet speeds are crucial to the customers. Viitanen explains that, in the last few years, consumers have shown interest in even faster internet connections. In terms of information transmission capacity and stability, optical fibre is superior to other solutions. Lounea wants to highlight the best properties of this technology.

“People use the internet for many purposes at home and one-gigabyte connections are very common. It is only a matter of time when faster connections will become necessary. We have been building a fibre-based network in Finland since 2007. Naturally, we want to provide the best possible connections to our customers,” Viitanen says.

Households need a fast internet connection to transmit data, download or play games online and watch 4K entertainment, among other things. With 10 G internet access, consumers can download games in a few seconds. First customers will be able to enjoy the 10 G experience in June 2021. The network will be commercially available to all before Christmas 2021.

Fastest connections in the world

On a global scale, Lounea is one of the first telecommunications operators to provide 10 G connections to consumers. Despite being known as a country of mobile connections, Finland has built its fixed networks slower than many other countries. Lounea is the fourth largest telecom operator in Finland and the company has provided fibre-based connections to its customers for fourteen years. Lounea is a rapidly growing company that wants to contribute to building a solid fibre-based network in Finland. Although Finland’s progress with building fixed connections has been slow, Lounea’s 10 G network will help Finland join the group of countries with the fastest internet connections in the world.

Hannu Raasakka, CCO of Lounea’s partner Huawei, says that Lounea’s announcement is an important step towards improving Finland’s reputation as a pioneer in the technology industry.

“Finland is known for providing fast internet connections to people. When the rest of the world is talking about 100 Mb connections, here in Finland, we have 1 Gb connections. Now, Lounea and its 10 Gb consumer network are securing our foothold as a country with the fastest internet connections in the world,” Raasakka says.   

Lounea’s partner Genexis is thrilled at the companies’ cooperation and Lounea’s plans.

“Lounea is the first telecom operator to sell 10 G connections to consumers in Finland. We admire Lounea’s courage to become a pioneer of high-capacity connections. We are happy to work with Lounea,” says Genexis’ Finland’ Vice President Simo Sulkko.


Internet usage has increased rapidly in households in recent years. People continue to buy household appliances that utilise the internet. Today, it is quite normal that every family member uses the internet simultaneously on several devices. Remote working has also become more common in Finland as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Studies show that many people will continue to work from home even after the pandemic. This is why having a high-capacity internet connection is essential.


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